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Press Releases

  • r66-cargo-hook-left-seat-operation
  • r66-cargo-hook-left_door-sill_gauges
  • r66-cargo-hook-left-cyclic-controls

Transport Canada Approves R66 Cargo Hook

December 7th, 2018|Comments Off on Transport Canada Approves R66 Cargo Hook

Torrance, CA (3 December 2018) — On 8 November 2018, Transport Canada approved Robinson’s R66 cargo hook installation, providing Canadian commercial lift operators with a high performance, low cost solution giving [...]

  • r66-cargo-hook
  • r66-cargo-hook-left-seat-operation
  • r66-cargo-hook-left_door-sill_gauges
  • r66-cargo-hook-left-cyclic-controls
  • r66-cargo-hook-right-seat-operation

FAA Approves Robinson R66 Cargo Hook

August 20th, 2018|Comments Off on FAA Approves Robinson R66 Cargo Hook

Torrance, CA (20 August 2018) — The FAA approved Robinson’s R66 cargo hook installation. The optional cargo hook carries external loads up to 1200 lb and, for external load operations, [...]


RHC News Summer 2018

August 20th, 2018|Comments Off on RHC News Summer 2018

Contents: Robinson Supports Chinese Safety Program USHST Issues Safety Letter RHC's Wayne Walden Retires U.S. Helicopter Accidents Statistics [...]

R44 Raven II – #1 For A Reason

aopa pilot australia raven ii article

New Tricks for the R66

vertical magazine cover of r66 cargo hook article

New Accessories Available

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