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Safety Notices

SN-44Carrying PassengersJUN 2017
SN-43Use Extra Caution During Post-Maintenance FlightsJAN 2015
SN-42Unanticipated YawMAY 2013
SN-41Pilot DistractionsMAY 2013
SN-40Post-Crash FiresMAY 2013
SN-39Unusual VibrationsJUL 2003
SN-38Practice Autorotations Cause Training AccidentsOCT 2004
SN-37Exceeding Operating LimitsDEC 2001
SN-36Overspeeds During LiftoffNOV 2000
SN-35Flying Near Broadcast TowersFEB 2016
SN-34Photo Flights - Very High RiskAPR 2009
SN-33Drive Belt SlackJUL 2013
SN-32High Winds or Turbulence
Ref: SN-32 video
FEB 2016
SN-31Governor Can Mask Carb IceDEC 1996
SN-30Loose Objects Can Be FatalAPR 2009
SN-29Airplane Pilots High Risk When Flying HelicoptersJUN 1994
SN-28Listen For Impending Bearing FailureJUL 2012
SN-27Surprise Throttle Chops Can Be DeadlyJUN 1994
SN-26Night Flight Plus Bad Weather Can Be Deadly
Ref: SN-26 video
JUN 1994
SN-25Carburetor IceJUL 2012
SN-24Low RPM Rotor Stall Can Be FatalJUN 1994
SN-23Walking Into Tail Rotor Can Be FatalJUN 1994
SN-22Vortex Ring State Catches Many Pilots by SurpriseOCT 2016
SN-20Beware of Demonstration or Initial Training FlightsJUN 1994
SN-19Flying Low Over Water is Very HazardousJUN 1994
SN-18Loss of Visibility Can Be FatalJUN 1994
SN-17Never Exit Helicopter With Engine RunningJUN 1994
SN-16Power Lines Are DeadlyJUN 1994
SN-15Fuel Exhaustion Can Be FatalJUN 1994
SN-14Superseded by SN-17, SN-27, and SN-28----------------
SN-13Do Not Attach Items to the SkidsJUN 1994
SN-12Superseded by SN-24----------------
SN-11Low-G Pushovers - Extremely DangerousNOV 2000
SN-10Fatal Accidents Caused by Low RPM Rotor StallJUN 1994
SN-09Many Accidents Involve Dynamic RolloverJUN 1994
SN-02 - SN-08Superseded or Deleted----------------
SN-01Inadvertent Actuation of Mixture Control in FlightJUN 1994

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