R66 Service Bulletins

R66 SB-36
Supersedes R66 SL-26B
Main Rotor Blade Tip Plate Permanent Removal & Sealant Application02 DEC 2019
R66 SB-35A
Supersedes R66 SB-35
Chin Inspection Hole and Access Cover11 MAR 2020
R66 SB-34HeliSAS Flight Control Computer
Ref. S-TEC Service Letter SL 19-011
12 AUG 2019
R66 SB-33
Supersedes R66 SB-29
Modified Pop-out Float Stabilizer29 JUL 2019
R66 SB-32Lithium-Ion Battery Sense Wire29 JUL 2019
R66 SB-31Battery Compartment Stiffener29 JUL 2019
R66 SB-30Lubrication of Swashplate Bearings29 JUL 2019
R66 SB-29
Superseded by R66 SB-33
Pop-out Floats Stabilizer29 MAR 2019
R66 SB-28
Supersedes R66 SB-26
B237 Lead-acid Batteries06 MAR 2019
R66 SB-27Drain Holes for Auxiliary Fuel Tank05 NOV 2018
R66 SB-26
Superseded by R66 SB-28
B237 Lead-acid Batteries Leaking Electrolyte05 NOV 2018
R66 SB-25G655-3 Air Conditioning Time Delay Assembly05 NOV 2018
R66 SB-24Auxiliary Fuel System Relay05 NOV 2018
R66 SB-23Rod Ends for F174-1 Engine Support Weldment26 JUN 2018
R66 SB-22A
Supersedes R66 SB-22
Horizontal Stabilizer Nutplates21 JUL 2017
R66 SB-21A
Supersedes R66 SB-21
Oil Tank Outlet Modificatioin06 JUN 2017
R66 SB-20B
Supersedes R66 SB-14 and R66 SB-20A
Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Bearings20 DEC 2017
R66 SB-19Revised Instrument Markings07 NOV 2016
R66 SB-18A
Supersedes R66 SB-18
MRGB Output Yoke Retaining Plug20 JUN 2016
R66 SB-17A
Supersedes R66 SB-17
F642-1 Shaft Replacement07 NOV 2016
R66 SB-16“LOT 20” F642-1 Shaft Corrosion15 DEC 2015
R66 SB-15G500H Wire Chafe15 DEC 2015
R66 SB-14
Superseded by R66 SB-20B and R66 SB-20A
Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Forward Bearing25 JUN 2015
R66 SB-13
Ref. AD 2016-26-04
Main Rotor Blade Modification
Ref. Main Rotor Blade Modification Tutorial Video
Ref. MSDSs and Technical Data Sheets
30 MAR 2015
R66 SB-12Landing Gear Attach Nuts08 DEC 2014
R66 SB-11Tail Gearbox Sight Gage08 DEC 2014
R66 SB-10Hanger Bearing Assembly21 NOV 2013
R66 SB-09Rotor RPM Sender Magnets03 JUL 2013
R66 SB-08Hydraulic Solenoid Diode03 JUL 2013
R66 SB-07Throttle Control Routing03 JUL 2013
R66 SB-06Fuel Switch Packing03 JUL 2013
R66 SB-05B
Supersedes R66 SB-05, R66 SB-05A, and R66 SL-03A
Clutch Retaining Bolt21 DEC 2012
R66 SB-04Oil Cooling Fan Inlet Clearance29 MAY 2012
R66 SB-03Hydraulic Servos21 FEB 2012
R66 SB-02Placards and Markings27 OCT 2011
R66 SB-01D333-13 Fitting Lubrication26 APR 2011