R44 Service Bulletins

R44 SB-104
Supersedes R44 SB-98B
Air/Oil Separator Hose11 MAR 2020
R44 SB-103
Supersedes R44 SL-68B
Main Rotor Blade Tip Plate Permanent Removal & Sealant Application02 DEC 2019
R44 SB-102Chin Inspection Hole and Access Cover29 OCT 2019
R44 SB-101HeliSAS Flight Control Computer
Ref. S-TEC Service Letter SL 19-011
12 AUG 2019
R44 SB-100R44 II Induction Hose03 JUL 2019
R44 SB-9924-volt Battery Electrolyte Leakage03 JUL 2019
R44 SB-98B
Superseded by R44 SB-104
Air/Oil Separator Hose Spring03 MAY 2019
R44 SB-97
Ref. AD 2019-12-18
R44 II Induction Hose11 APR 2019
R44 SB-96D602-1 Time Delay Assembly02 OCT 2018
R44 SB-95Main Gearbox Upgrades20 DEC 2017
R44 SB-94Actuator Lower Bearing A185 Brackets
Ref. R44 SL-61A
08 JUN 2017
R44 SB-93A
Supersedes R44 SB-93
Horizontal Stabilizer Nutplates21 JUL 2017
R44 SB-92A
Supersedes R44 SB-92
Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Damper Bearing 20 DEC 2017
R44 SB-91Ammeter Circuit Fuse Protection14 NOV 2016
R44 SB-90Revised Instrument Marking14 NOV 2016
R44 SB-89
Ref. AD 2016-26-04
Main Rotor Blade Modification
Ref. Main Rotor Blade Modification Tutorial Video
Ref. MSDSs and Technical Data Sheets
30 MAR 2015
R44 SB-88Landing Gear Attach Nuts08 DEC 2014
R44 SB-87B771-2 (Reusable) Air Filters14 OCT 2014
R44 SB-86Rotor RPM Sender Magnets03 JUL 2013
R44 SB-85C771-1 Air Filter Deterioration31 AUG 2012
R44 SB-84Fuel Cap Decal30 MAY 2012
R44 SB-83
Ref: AD 2020-08-10
Tail Rotor Blade Fatigue Cracks
Ref. Maintenance Record Appendix for AD
30 MAY 2012
R44 SB-82Rotor Brake Switch21 FEB 2012
R44 SB-81Hydraulic Servos21 FEB 2012
R44 SB-80Pop-Out Float Cylinder Valve07 SEP 2011
R44 SB-79
Supersedes R44 SL-33
C188-3 Sprag Clutches20 DEC 2010
R44 SB-78B
Ref. R44 Fuel Bladder Rebate Extended
Bladder Fuel Tank Retrofit28 SEP 2012
R44 SB-77Clutch Actuator Fuse Holder Wiring26 MAY 2010
R44 SB-76Air Conditioning Installation Upgrades30 APR 2010
R44 SB-75Door Lower Hinge Pins30 APR 2010
R44 SB-74MRGB Input Yoke Retaining Nut Torque30 APR 2010
R44 SB-73Battery Relay Bypass Circuit Fuse30 APR 2010
R44 SB-72A
Supersedes R44 SL-24
Ref. AD 2014-23-16
Main Rotor Blade Bond Inspection
Ref. Tap Test Tutorial Video
Ref. Maintenance Record Appendix for AD 2014-23-16
AMOC for AD 2014-23-16
19 JUL 2012
R44 SB-71
Supersedes R44 SB-58A
R44 II Throttle Link25 MAR 2009
R44 SB-70Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Retrofit25 MAR 2009
R44 SB-69Gascolator Assembly25 MAR 2009
R44 SB-68
Supersedes R44 SB-31
Rigid Fuel Line Replacement25 MAR 2009
R44 SB-67R44 II Fuel Hose Supports06 NOV 2008
R44 SB-66
Supersedes R44 SB-45
D202-2 Bracket Replacement18 MAR 2008
R44 SB-65Air Conditioning Duct Wiring22 FEB 2008
R44 SB-64Removable Collective Spring Pin22 FEB 2008
R44 SB-63
Ref. AD 2010-24-03
Pedal Support Safety Tabs22 FEB 2008
R44 SB-62R44 II Throttle Linkage19 DEC 2007
R44 SB-61Main Rotor Blade Erosion29 MAR 2007
R44 SB-60C771-1 Air Filters with Orange Rubber15 SEP 2006
R44 SB-59C046-18 Frame Tube Clamp09 AUG 2006
R44 SB-58A
Superseded by R44 SB-71
R44 II Throttle Link01 SEP 2006
R44 SB-57KI-176 R44 Tailpipe Extension Kit29 MAR 2006
R44 SB-56
Ref. AD 2007-11-01
Seat Belt Buckle Assemblies29 MAR 2006
R44 SB-55
Supersedes R44 SB-54
R44 II Fuel Control Reorientation20 JUL 2005
R44 SB-54
Superseded by R44 SB-55
R44 II Fuel Control Venturi25 APR 2005
R44 SB-53C046-18 Frame Tube27 MAY 2004
R44 SB-52Comm Antenna Tips27 MAY 2004
R44 SB-51NAS6605-31 Bolts24 NOV 2003
R44 SB-50R44 II Oil Line Clamp11 SEP 2003
R44 SB-49Engine Alternate Air Intake11 SEP 2003
R44 SB-48R44 II Fuel Control Safety Wire11 SEP 2003
R44 SB-47R44 II Fuel Control Inlet Fitting20 JUN 2003
R44 SB-46D318-1 Muffler and Tailpipe Shield Installation15 NOV 2002
R44 SB-45
Superseded by R44 SB-66
D202-2 Bracket Replacement15 NOV 2002
R44 SB-44Hydraulic Pump Lines and Fittings01 AUG 2001
R44 SB-43A
Ref. AD 2003-04-05
Tail Rotor Pitch Control Bearings10 JUN 2002
R44 SB-42
Cancelled 15 OCT 2004
C181-3 Lower Clutch Actuator Bearing Lubrication01 AUG 2001
R44 SB-41ATail Rotor Rigging10 JUN 2002
R44 SB-40Emergency Pop-Out Float Pressure Cylinder Valve12 SEP 2000
R44 SB-39
Ref. AD 2001-20-18
Horizontal to Vertical Stabilizer Attach Channels12 SEP 2000
R44 SB-38Hydraulic Reservoir Sequence Valve Inspection03 MAR 2000
R44 SB-37Aft C121-25 Push-Pull Tube Contact with Mast Fairing Rib 17 JAN 2000
R44 SB-36
Ref. AD 99-07-18 and AD 00-08-04
C188-3 Sprag Clutch05 NOV 1999
R44 SB-35
Ref. AD 99-17-17
C908-1 Yoke Replacement26 JUL 1999
R44 SB-34Tail Rotor Gearbox Output Shaft Bearing Preload 21 JUN 1999
R44 SB-33C051-1 or -2 Belt Tension Actuator 03 MAY 1999
R44 SB-32
Ref. AD 99-07-18 and AD 00-08-04
C188-3 Sprag Clutch22 MAR 1999
R44 SB-31
Superseded by R44 SB-68
Ref. AD 00-07-03
Wire Harness Contact with C726-2 Fuel Line Assembly28 OCT 1998
R44 SB-30Auxiliary Fuel Tank Drain Tube Shutoff Clamp28 OCT 1998
R44 SB-29
Ref. AD 99-03-05 and AD 2002-23-06
Replacement of Crankshaft Gear Retaining Bolt 09 JUL 1998
R44 SB-28A
Ref. AD 98-12-19
R44 Main Rotor Blade Replacement27 OCT 1998
R44 SB-27B
Ref. AD 98-22-16
Main Rotor Blade Inspection18 JUN 1998
R44 SB-26
Ref. AD 98-04-12
Lateral Cyclic Trim Assembly31 JAN 1998
R44 SB-25
Ref. AD 98-05-10
Oil Line Elbows01 OCT 1997
R44 SB-24Removal of Paint from Tail Rotor Gearbox Attachment Surfaces01 OCT 1997
R44 SB-23
Ref. AD 97-16-02
Replacement of C018-1 Clutch Assembly 30 MAY 1997
R44 SB-22Tail Rotor Guard30 MAY 1997
R44 SB-21
Ref. AD 97-16-02
Belt Tension Actuator Switches18 APR 1997
R44 SB-20C315 Collective Support Weldment16 APR 1997
R44 SB-19Lateral Cyclic Trim Assembly Spring Shaft Wear16 APR 1997
R44 SB-18Pilot's Heater Outlet Air Supply Hose16 APR 1997
R44 SB-17
Ref. AD 98-21-36 superseded by AD 99-23-01
Pilot's Grip Assembly18 DEC 1996
R44 SB-16Replacement of C309-1 Panel Assembly with V-belt Restraint22 OCT 1996
R44 SB-15
Ref. AD 96-18-22
Main Rotor Gearbox Ring Gear Bolts02 AUG 1996
R44 SB-14
Supersedes R44 SB-02, R44 SB-03, and R44 SB-09
Replacement of C007-3 or C007-4 Shaft Assembly and D174-1 Fanwheel26 APR 1996
R44 SB-13Collective Spring Assembly and Spring Assembly Support Replacement26 DEC 1995
R44 SB-12Cyclic Damper Replacement11 SEP 1995
R44 SB-11Replacement of CAT Gage and Relocation of Probe11 SEP 1995
R44 SB-10Upper and Lower Swashplate Fork and Arm Linkage Assemblies 11 SEP 1995
R44 SB-09
Superseded by R44 SB-14
Fan Nut Torque 11 SEP 1995
R44 SB-08Gascolator Drain Valve Torque 08 JUN 1995
R44 SB-07ALow RPM Warning Unit Adjustment 08 JUN 1995
R44 SB-06
Ref. AD 95-11-10
Placard to Prohibit Pushovers 23 MAY 1995
R44 SB-05Main Rotor Droop Stops and Teeter Stops 26 APR 1995
R44 SB-04
Ref. AD 95-09-07
Replacement of Guides for C121-7 Push-Pull Tubes24 JAN 1995
R44 SB-03
Superseded by R44 SB-14
Replacement of C007-3 Shaft Assembly and/or D174-1 Fanwheel 18 NOV 1994
R44 SB-02
Superseded by R44 SB-14
Inspection of Cooling Fan24 OCT 1994
R44 SB-01ARequired Modification of Cyclic Trim Motors26 MAY 1994