Significant Events in Robinson Helicopter Company History

JULY 27, 2017FAA Certifies Robinson R66 Newscopter
JULY 17, 2017Lithium-Ion Battery Now Available for Robinson R66
MARCH 3, 2017FAA Approves New Inlet Barrier Filter for Robinson R66
DECEMBER 23, 2016Robinson Helicopter Company Delivers 12,000th Helicopter
JULY 18, 2016Robinson Delivers First Production R44 Cadet Helicopters
MAY 9, 2016FAA Certifies R44 Cadet Helicopter
FEBRUARY 2016FAA Certifies Auxiliary Fuel Tank for R66 Turbine
FEBRUARY 2016Robinson's R44 and R66 Helicopters Rank Number 1 in Sales in 2015
NOVEMBER 2015Robinson Introduces the Two-Place R44 Cadet Helicopter
AUGUST 2015Robinson Introduces New R44 and R66 Autopilot and Aspen Primary Flight Display Packages
JANUARY 2015Robinson Adds Garmin 500H and Autopilot to R66 Turbine Options
DECEMBER 2014FAA Certifies Float-equipped R66 Turbine Marine
MAY 2014Robinson R66 Receives EASA and China Certifications
MARCH 2014Robinson Delivers 500th R66 Turbine
FEBRUARY 2014Robinson Introduces Glass Avionics
SEPTEMBER 2013Two R66s land outside Moscow, completing around-the-world flights. Pilots Michael Farikh and Alexander Kurylev flew R66 S/N 0323. Pilots Dmitry Rakitsky and Vadim Melnikov flew R66 S/N0164
SEPTEMBER 2012FAA certifies R66 Turbine Police Helicopter
NOVEMBER 2011Robinson produces 10,000th helicopter
NOVEMBER 2010First production R66 Turbine is delivered
OCTOBER 2010FAA issues Type Certificate for the R66 Turbine. Robinson adds 133,000 square feet to West Building, bringing Robinson's total manufacturing space to 617,000 square feet
AUGUST 2010Frank Robinson announces his retirement and Kurt Robinson is elected President
FEBRUARY 2010Robinson debuts the R66 Turbine at Heli-Expo in Houston, Texas
JUNE 20095,000th R44 is delivered
JANUARY 2009Pilot Safety Course marks its 26th year
DECEMBER 2008Robinson breaks previous production record for civil helicopters, having produced 893 helicopters in 2008
SEPTEMBER 2008The R44 surpasses the R22 in total number manufactured
JANUARY 2008President George W. Bush and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger visit the Robinson factory
DECEMBER 2007Robinson breaks previous production record for civil helicopters having produced with 823 new helicopters in 2007
NOVEMBER 20078000th helicopter delivered
MARCH 2007Robinson announces development of the five-place R66 Turbine helicopter
SEPTEMBER 20063000th R44 helicopter delivered
JANUARY 20064000th R22 helicopter delivered
DECEMBER 2005Robinson sets production record for civil helicopters having produced 806 helicopters in 2005
APRIL 20056000th helicopter delivered
FEBRUARY 2005Robinson opens new 220,000 square foot manufacturing facility; factory totals 480,000 square feet
JANUARY 2005Robinson surpasses previous sales with 690 new helicopters produced in 2004; R44 Raven II is the first piston helicopter to fly to the South Pole, piloted by Quentin Smith and Steve Brooks
SEPTEMBER 2004Smithsonian adds the R22 that earned the helicopter design's FAA Type Certificate in 1979, and the R44 flown by Jennifer Murray in her two, record-setting around-the-world trips.
JANUARY 2004Robinson announces company sales record with the production of 422 new helicopters in 2003
SEPTEMBER 20035000th helicopter delivered
JUNE 2003First Robinson helipad opened at a private helistop at Honda of Santa Ana, CA.
NOVEMBER 2002Robinson is the first U.S. helicopter manufacturer to receive Japanese type certification
OCTOBER 2002R44 Raven II is first piston helicopter to fly to the North Pole, piloted by Quentin Smith and Steve Brooks
JULY 2002Robinson announces the new R44 Raven II WITH Lycoming IO-540 fuel-injected engine; the new helicopter has more power, a higher gross weight, and increased altitude performance
JUNE 2002Robinson delivers the first digital ENG Newscopter to Metro Networks; the first R44 Police Helicopter is delivered to China
JANUARY 2002R44 becomes the first U.S. manufactured helicopter approved by Russia and other states of the Commonwealth of Independent Stats (CIS)
FEBRUARY 20011000th R44 helicopter is delivered; Robinson launches new program for lightweight rooftop helipads for business and industrial parks
SEPTEMBER 20004000th Robinson helicopter delivered - 3132 R22s and 968 R44s; Jennifer Murray pilots her R44 helicopter, becoming the first woman to fly solo around the world
JANUARY 2000Model R44 Raven is introduced with adjustable pedals and standard hydraulic controls; TBO for R22 and R44 is increased for 2000 to 2200 hours
OCTOBER 19993000th R22 helicopter is delivered
AUGUST 1999Hydraulic power controls are introduced for the R44 helicopters
JUNE 1999FAA approves pop-out floats for R44 Clipper
FEBRUARY 1998First three R44 Newscopters are delivered
NOVEMBER 1997Robinson is awarded ISO 9001 certification for helicopter design, manufacture and service
AUGUST 1997R44 completes around-the-world flight with pilots Jennifer Murray and Quentin Smith
JULY 1997R44 Police Helicopter receives FAA certification
JUNE 1997R44 Newscopter announced for high-quality live television broadcasting
FEBRUARY 1996Model R22 Beta II is introduced with O-360 engine, giving it improved hover performance, and a base price of $135,000.
JULY 1994Robinson moves to new 260,000 square-foot manufacturing facility at Zamperini Field Airport in Torrance, CA.
FEBRUARY 1993First production R44 Astro helicopter is delivered
JANUARY 1993Buenos Aires Police purchase forty R22 helicopters
DECEMBER 1992FAA issues Type Certificate for R44 Astro; R22 is world's top-selling helicopter for the fifth consecutive year
MARCH 1992R44 base price of $235,000 is announced; deposits and orders are accepted
DECEMBER 1991Robinson production rate reaches all-time high with 402 R22s produced in 1991
NOVEMBER 19912000th R22 helicopter is delivered
JUNE 1991R22 breaks its own speed records reaching a top speed of 143.61 mph; Robinson receives Igor I. Sikorsky Trophy recognizing world records
JANUARY 1991New model R44 four-seat helicopter is exhibited for the first time
FEBRUARY 1990New RPM governor is approved for R22
DECEMBER 1989310 R22s are delivered in 1989, making it the year's most popular light aircraft - including helicopters and airplanes
MAY 1989R22 breaks its own altitude record for Class E-1a helicopters
APRIL 19891000th R22 helicopter is delivered
JANUARY 1989R22 sets world altitude record for Class E-1a helicopters
DECEMBER 1988Robinson becomes leading producer of light helicopters, producing more new helicopters in 1988 than any other manufacturer
OCTOBER 1985Model R22 Mariner is introduced with fixed utility floats, priced at $94,850; R22 sets world record for Distance in a Close Circuit for Class E-1a helicopters
AUGUST 1985Model R22 Beta is introduced with higher take-off rating, larger instrument panel, and base price of $85,850
JULY 1985500th R22 helicopter is delivered
JANUARY 1985Auxiliary fuel system is approved for the R22 Alpha model, increasing range and endurance by 65%
SEPTEMBER 1983Model R22 Alpha is announced with increased gross weight and a base price of $77,850
OCTOBER 1982Safety course for flight instructors is launched to standardize training at flight schools, where R22s are widely used
SEPTEMBER 1981Model R22 HP is announced with more powerful engine, improved altitude performance, and a base price of $59,850
MARCH 1981Robinson receives FAA Production Certificate allowing the company to do testing and inspection
JANUARY 1981100th R22 helicopter is delivered
OCTOBER 1979First production R22 helicopter is delivered; Robinson announces order backlog of 587 orders
MARCH 1979Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issues Type Certificate for R22; Robinson announces R22 base price of $40,000
AUGUST 1975R22 prototype takes its first flight at Torrance Airport
JUNE 1973Company founded by Frank Robinson to design and manufacture a light, inexpensive helicopter for general aviation market