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R66 Service Letters

R66 SL-29C627-6 Five-point Harness Assembly Lower Strap22 MAR 2019
R66 SL-28Main Rotor Gearbox Internal Visual Inspection05 NOV 2018
R66 SL-27Lithium-Ion Battery Transient Voltage Drop05 NOV 2018
R66 SL-26A
Supersedes R66 SL-26
Main Rotor Blade Tip Plate Permanent Removal29 JUN 2018
R66 SL-25Component Maintenance Course25 JUN 2018
R66 SL-24F642 Shaft (Engine-to-Main Gearbox) Upgrade20 DEC 2017
R66 SL-23A
Supersedes R66 SL-23
Fire Extinguisher Handling and Maintenance20 DEC 2017
R66 SL-22R66 Marine Skid Extension Kit21 JUL 2017
R66 SL-21Revised Instrument Marking Metric Decals06 JUN 2017
R66 SL-20C258-5 Pitch Link Assembly30 JAN 2017
R66 SL-19A
Supersedes R66 SL-19
Avionics Software20 DEC 2017
R66 SL-18PTG Beep Rigging07 NOV 2016
R66 SL-17Genesys Aerosystems (Autopilot) Service Letter07 NOV 2016
R66 SL-16Garmin G500H EFIS Air Temperature Probe Relocation07 NOV 2016
R66 SL-15Main Rotor Blade Tip Fasteners07 NOV 2016
R66 SL-14
Supersedes R66 SB-20A
Heater Line Spirap Insulation14 JUN 2016
R66 SL-13Inhibited Glideslope Reception14 JUN 2016
R66 SL-12Altimeters04 APR 2016
R66 SL-11Main Gearbox Upgrade
Ref. Addendum for R66 Service Letter SL-11
15 SEP 2015
R66 SL-10A
Supersedes R66 SL-10
B526 (TORX PlusĀ®) Truss Head Screws07 NOV 2016
R66 SL-09D210 Corrosion-Resistant (CRES) Nuts13 OCT 2014
R66 SL-08EASA Registration Requirements09 MAY 2014
R66 SL-07Deleted Safety Wire03 JUL 2013
R66 SL-06Damper Assembly
21 DEC 2012
R66 SL-05Kannad ELT Service Bulletin
Ref. Kannad ELT Service Bulletin S1820514-25-04
19 JUL 2012
R66 SL-04Center Rear Seat Decal29 MAY 2012
R66 SL-03A
Superseded by R66 SB-05B
Clutch Assembly Retaining Bolt Replacement30 SEP 2011
R66 SL-02Baggage Door Seals Kit07 SEP 2011
R66 SL-01Cracked MS21042L-series Nuts18 AUG 2011

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