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R66 Kit Instructions

KI-155-3R66 Five-Point Harness Installation Kit Instructions21 NOV 2012
KI-184-228-Volt COM Transceiver Filter Assembly Field Installation Kit13 OCT 2006
KI-188-2Main Rotor Blade Paint Kit Instructions30 JUL 2018
KI-205Ground Handling Cart Booster Cable Kit Instructions01 NOV 2011
KI-207R66 Baggage Door Seals Kit Instructions13 SEP 2011
KI-208-1/KI-208-2R66 Placards and Markings Kit Instructions20 OCT 2011
KI-230Fuel Sample Tube Installation14 OCT 2015
KI-231R66 Fuel Dip Stick Installation14 OCT 2015
KI-235R66 TRDS Forward Yoke Assembly and Hanger Installation Kit Instructions23 JUN 2015
KI-239-4R66 Aux Fuel Tank Installation Relay Upgrade Kit Instructions31 OCT 2018
KI-247-2R66-series Lithium-Ion Battery to Lead-Acid Battery Conversion Kit Instructions10 OCT 2018
KI-247-3R66-series Lithium-Ion Battery Installation Upgrade Kit Instructions29 OCT 2018
KI-248R66 Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) Installation Kit Instructions15 NOV 2018
KI-252R66-series Pop-Out Floats Skid Extension Upgrade Installation Kit Instructions24 JUL 2018
KI-250MT850-1 RR300 Engine Stand Assembly Instructions22 SEP 2017

R66 Kits

R7983R44-series & R66 C017-5 Swashplate Installation Field Kit18 APR 2017
R8480R66 2000-Hour Maintenance and Inspection Kit31 OCT 2016
KI-6601R66-series Minimum Spare Parts Kit Instructions22 JUN 2017
KI-6603R66 Interior Furnishings Installation Kit Instructions14 SEP 2017

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