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R22 Service Letters

R22 SL-82A
Supersedes R22 SL-82
Main Rotor Blade Tip Plate Permanent Removal29 JUN 2018
R22 SL-81Component Maintenance Course25 JUN 2018
R22 SL-80
Supersedes R22 SL-46
Gearbox Chip Detector Maintenance08 JUN 2018
R22 SL-79Unauthorized Repairs on Main Rotor Blades in Brazil08 JUN 2018
R22 SL-78A190-2 Drive Belts20 DEC 2017
R22 SL-77A
Supersedes R22 SL-77
Fire Extinguisher Handling and Maintenance20 DEC 2017
R22 SL-76A
Supersedes R22 SL-76
Lycoming Engine Connecting Rod Small-end Bushings27 JUL 2017
R22 SL-75
Supersedes R22 SL-51
Governor Troubleshooting/Magneto Maintenance21 JUL 2017
R22 SL-74A
Supersedes R22 SL-74
A185 Brackets Installation & Fiberglass Scroll Repair20 DEC 2017
R22 SL-73High CHT Indication06 JUN 2017
R22 SL-72New A020-90 & A047-6 Upper Frame Installation21 NOV 2016
R22 SL-71A
Supersedes R22 SL-71A
Avionics Software20 DEC 2017
R22 SL-70Main Rotor Blade Tip Fasteners07 NOV 2016
R22 SL-69Altimeters04 APR 2016
R22 SL-68A158-3 Spindles04 APR 2016
R22 SL-67Collective-Activated Hourmeter04 APR 2016
R22 SL-66Full Throttle Caution Light Kit08 DEC 2014
R22 SL-65A
Supersedes R22 SL-65
B526 TORX Plus Truss Head Screws13 OCT 2014
R22 SL-64D210 Corrosion-Resistant CRES Nuts13 OCT 2014
R22 SL-63A016-6 Main Rotor Blades10 SEP 2014
R22 SL-62Cleanable Air Filters03 JUL 2013
R22 SL-61Deleted Safety Wire03 JUL 2013
R22 SL-60Kannad ELT Service Bulletin
Ref. Kannad ELT Service Bulletin S1820514-25-04
19 JUL 2012
R22 SL-59MRGB Oil Level Fluctuation07 SEP 2011
R22 SL-58Cracked MS21042L-series Nuts18 AUG 2011
R22 SL-57Alternator V-Belts22 FEB 2008
R22 SL-56BA016-4, C016-2, and C016-5 Main Rotor Blade Bond Maintenance
Additional Information Regarding Main Rotor Blade Skin Debonding
30 APR 2010
R22 SL-55Main Rotor Blade Inspection01 JUN 2006
R22 SL-54
Ref. AD 2004-06-52
Revised Main Rotor Blade Retirement Life17 JUN 2004
R22 SL-53Visual Inspection of Main Rotor Blade Root Area21 NOV 2001
R22 SL-52
Supersedes SL-49
Master Battery Relay Upgrade01 AUG 2001
R22 SL-51
Superseded by R22 SL-75
Tachometer Contact Assembly in Magneto14 APR 1999
R22 SL-50Mixture Control Cable Clamp02 OCT 1998
R22 SL-49
Superseded by R22 SL-52
Master Battery Relay08 SEP 1998
R22 SL-48A184 Upper Clutch Actuator Bearing04 MAR 1997
R22 SL-47"GOV OFF" (Governor Off) Caution Light10 APR 1996
R22 SL-46
Superseded by R22 SL-80
Main Rotor and Tail Rotor Gearbox Chip Detectors23 SEP 1994
R22 SL-45
Ref. AD 94-17-07 and Ref. R22 SB-74
Tail Rotor Gearbox Shaft Keys - Terminating Action for AD 94-17-0723 SEP 1994
R22 SL-44
Superseded by R22 SB-105
Replacement of Fuel Shut-Off Guard20 OCT 1992
R22 SL-43Additional Caution Decal for Baggage Compartments08 OCT 1992
R22 SL-42Replacement of Inlet Ducts18 JUN 1992
R22 SL-41False Low RPM Warning Occurring During Radio Transmissions13 MAR 1992
R22 SL-40Tail Rotor Visual Warning Guard and Danger Decals28 AUG 1991
R22 SL-39
Supersedes R22 SL-27
Installation of New A190-2 Vee Belts19 APR 1991
R22 SL-38Black and White Paint Scheme for Tail Rotor Blades22 MAR 1991
R22 SL-37Precision Airmotive Service Bulletins MSA-1 and MSA-2NOV 1990
R22 SL-36Alignment of Fan Shaft Bearing Housing05 OCT 1990
R22 SL-35Alignment of Vee Belt Sheaves06 JUN 1990
R22 SL-34Excessive Oil Leakage from Tail Rotor Gearbox Breather Tube15 SEP 1989
R22 SL-33Aeroquip Corporation Bulletin No. 00118 MAY 1989
R22 SL-32Overruning Sprag Clutch Bearings07 NOV 1988
R22 SL-31A184-1 Clutch Bearing12 APR 1988
R22 SL-30Magneto Switch Wiring16 NOV 1987
R22 SL-29Proper Use of Starter Switch to Avoid Breaking Starter14 SEP 1987
R22 SL-28Avco Lycoming Service Bulletin No. 47717 DEC 1986
R22 SL-27
Superseded by R22 SL-39
New A190-2 Banded Vee Belt Installation01 OCT 1986
R22 SL-26Battery Terminal Misalignment15 APR 1986
R22 SL-25Modification of A437 Jackshaft Brace Tab15 JAN 1985
R22 SL-24Removal of Clutch Yokes Before Shipment06 NOV 1984
R22 SL-23ASpecial Caution When Installing Vee Belts or Other Driveline Components20 JUN 1984
R22 SL-22Replacement Bearings for Tail Rotor Teeter Hinge, and, Severe Hazard When Using Any Non-Approved Bearings17 FEB 1984
R22 SL-21AMain Rotor Blade Sealant and Filler Cracking31 MAY 2002
R22 SL-20AVee Belt Installation20 JUN 1984
R22 SL-19Installation of Guard for Removable Cyclic Stick18 OCT 1982
R22 SL-18Installation of Mixture Control07 JUN 1982
R22 SL-17Removal of Cabin Heater Muffler Shroud in Warm Weather to Extend Muffler Service Life17 MAY 1982
R22 SL-16Installation of the A911-1 Cabin Heater Scoop19 MAY 1982
R22 SL-15Visual Inspection of Main Rotor Blade Root Area23 SEP 1981
R22 SL-14Inspection of A197 Tail Rotor Drive Shafts16 SEP 1981
R22 SL-13Loose Horizontal Firewall to Steel Tube Frame Attach Bolts10 SEP 1981
R22 SL-12Premature Wear of A190-1 Vee Belts19 AUG 1981
R22 SL-11Loose Upper Cylinder Base Nuts18 AUG 1981
R22 SL-10Engine Idle Speed Limitations11 AUG 1981
R22 SL-09Installation of A214-3 Safety Washers27 JUL 1981
R22 SL-08Action Required When MR Chip Light Comes On03 OCT 1980
R22 SL-07Inspection of Long Tail Rotor Drive Shaft27 SEP 1980
R22 SL-06Inspection of A193-2 Flex Plate24 SEP 1980
R22 SL-05Installation of Nickel Plated Washers in the Forward and Intermediate Flex Plates29 OCT 1980
R22 SL-04Battery Ground Strap22 JUL 1980
R22 SL-03Tail Rotor Control Pedals22 JUL 1980
R22 SL-02Tail Rotor Control Push-Pull Tube A121-1322 JUL 1980
R22 SL-01Cabin Heat Blower Assembly A64322 JUL 1980

R22 Service Letters to Selected Owners

N/AModification of S723-1 Oil Filter Adapter to Facilitate Oil Filter Removal11 JAN 2002
N/ASB-10 dated 27 April 1981 and SB-44 dated 05 February 1985
12 SEP 2000
N/AElastomeric Tail Rotor Teeter Hinge Bearings12 MAY 1997
N/ACarburetor Floats22 JUL 1992
N/AReplacement of Low RPM Circuit03 JUN 1992
N/AInstallation of New Governor Toggle Switch22 OCT 1990
N/ALatches on Carb Air Box Cover10 OCT 1988
N/ACarburetor Air Inlet Duct15 JAN 1988
N/AFloat Gear Installation and Removal07 JUL 1987
N/AModification of MAP Limit Charts A654-64 Decal for Beta Model06 DEC 1986
N/AModification of A752-2 Headset22 MAY 1985

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