R22 Kit Instructions

KI-61R22 Landing Light Relay Conversion Kit15 SEP 2011
KI-160R22-series Full-Flow Oil Filter Kit Instructions26 AUG 2013
KI-164R22 & R44 Carbon Monoxide Detector Field Installation Kit30 APR 2009
KI-179-5 and KI-179-7R22-series Kannad AF Integra ELT Installation Kit Instructions01 APR 2015
KI-193-4R22 Gascolator Assembly Upgrade Kit Instructions30 APR 2010
KI-197R22 & R44 Battery Relay Bypass Circuit Kit Instructions30 APR 2010
KI-204-1 and KI-204-2R22 and R44 series Airframe Provisions for Single LED-Strobe Tailcone, Kit Instructions08 FEB 2013
KI-205Ground Handling Cart Booster Cable Kit Instructions01 NOV 2011
KI-217-1R22 Beta and Mariner Bladder Fuel Tank Installation Kit Instructions17 APR 2014
KI-218-1R22 Full Throttle Caution Light Kit Instructions12 NOV 2014
KI-230Fuel Sample Tube Installation14 OCT 2015
KI-238R22 Collective-Activated Hourmeter Installation14 APR 2017
KI-249R22-series & R44-series CHT Gage Calibration Kit Instructions08 JUN 2017
KI-253Low RPM Warning Horn Installation Kit Instructions

(Note: Upgrade not required for 14V systems until B320-1 horns are no longer available.)
28 SEP 2017

R22 Kits

KI-2201R22-series Minimum Spare Parts Kit Instructions22 JUN 2017
KI-2202R22-series 2200-Hour Inspection Kit Instructions (S/N 2570 and prior)28 JUN 2017
KI-2203R22-series 2200-Hour Inspection Kit Instructions (S/N 2571 and subsequent)28 JUN 2017
KI-2204Provisions for R22 O-320 Engine Installation Kit Instructions01 JUN 2017
KI-2205Provisions for R22 O-360 Engine Installation Kit Instructions01 JUN 2017
KI-2206R22-series Interior Furnishings Installation Kit Instructions14 SEP 2017
KI-2207R22 A017-1 Swashplate Installation Kit Instructions01 JUN 2017
KI-2208R22 A057-2 Airbox Assembly Installation Kit Instructions01 JUN 2017