San Salvador, El Salvador — Robinson sold its first R44 Police Helicopter in El Salvador to the National Police of El Salvador last month. During a ceremony in San Salvador June 25, Helica, S.A. de C.V., Robinson’s authorized dealer in El Salvador, delivered the helicopter to the National Police.
“The National Police have three turbine helicopters, but they can only afford to fly them two hours a week,” Helica President Rogelio Pena said. “Now with the cost of operating the R44, they will be able to fly two hours a night and the turbines will remain on call.”
Pena flew the National Police Director to Torrance, California to visit Robinson Helicopter Company, meet with Robinson Vice President of Product Support Kurt Robinson, and ride along with El Monte Police Department on a night patrol in the R44 Police Helicopter. It was this visit that sold the National Police on
the R44, Pena said.
“The pilots did not want a piston because they were all from the Air Force where they flew turbines,” Pena explained. “When the director saw the R44’s price,
cost of operation, and how well it worked for night patrol, he went back and convinced the National Police that an R44 was the right aircraft.”
The National Police will use the aircraft for night police patrols, surveillance, and as a crime deterrent in San Salvador, Pena said. The R44 Police Helicopter
features the FSI 445G-MKII infrared camera system, Spectrolab SX-5E searchlight, and a complete FM radio package with a NAT AMS 42 Dual Audio Controller. The
audio controller allows the observer to communicate independently on up to three FM radios.
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