Parts and Accessories

Parts and accessories may be order Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. PST. Online ordering is available through Robinson’s Online Store. A list of Robinson observed holidays and scheduled factory shutdowns can be found at the following: Robinson Holidays and Scheduled Plant Shutdowns

R22 Parts Price List

R44 Parts Price List

R66 Parts Price List

Customer Support Account RepresentativePhone NumberEmailNotes
Sandra Aure310-539-0508 x
Lea Bass310-539-0508 x
LuCinda Montague310-539-0508 x 215cs1@robinsonheli.comOverhaul Helicopters
Sandy Morales310-539-0508 x
Frank Nieto310-539-0508 x
Cathy Obando310-539-0508 x 211cs2@robinsonheli.comSe habla espanol
Chris Rogers310-539-0508 x
Rosie Terrazas310-539-0508 x 244cs9@robinsonheli.comSe habla espanol
Mike Thrush310-539-0508 x 209cs13@robinsonheli.comOverhaul Calls
Chelsie Ward310-539-0508 x 207cs14@robinsonheli.comOverhaul Inquiries
Ashlie Wahlers310-539-0508 x