Torrance, CA — Lycoming Service Instruction No. 1009AW (February 24, 2014) eliminates the previous 2200 time-between-overhaul (TBO) requirement that specified engines be used in “frequent” service, defined as 40 hours or more per month. The Service Instruction extends the engine overhaul period from 2000 to 2200 hours without restrictions, and applies only to Lycoming engines built to specifications for and installed in Robinson helicopters.

The 200 hour extension is based on the excellent service history of the O-320-B2C and O-360-J2A engines used in the R22, and the O-540-F1B5 and IO-540-AE1A5 engines used in the R44.

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Lycoming Eliminates “Frequent” Use Requirement on 2200 TBO for Robinson Helicopters.pdf