Electrical or Electro Mechanical Engineer


Engineer experienced in digital and analog servo designs for multi-axis DSP-based closed-­loop control systems. Working knowledge of real-time software for primarily designing gyro-stabilized camera systems for aircraft, as well as autonomous aircraft/drone control. College level or equivalent background in close-loop control systems. B.S. or M.S. in Electrical or Electro-Mechanical Engineering preferred. Familiarity with BODE Plot/Servo [...]

Electrical or Electro Mechanical Engineer2020-02-11T10:54:59-07:00

Mechanical / Aerospace Engineer


Job Description: Duties include preparation of engineering drawing using CAD design, preparation of technical reports, and assembly and operation of various bench tests. Robinson engineering positions are geared to well rounded "hands-on" engineers. Theoretical and /or highly specialized work is limited to that necessary for production and product development. Job Qualifications: College level or equivalent [...]

Mechanical / Aerospace Engineer2020-02-11T10:49:37-07:00

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