$3,000.00 Reward

For One Outstanding Blade

Robinson R22 Helicopter.

On 30 November 2012, a Robinson R22 helicopter crashed into Tampa Bay near Apollo Beach. Most of the helicopter was recovered with the exception of the two main rotor blades. One blade has since been recovered; one has not yet been recovered. Investigators are confident the blade is located offshore.

Robinson Helicopter Company will pay $3,000.00 to the person(s) that locates and recovers the outstanding main rotor blade. It must be the major structure of the blade. Any small debris (related to the aircraft) recovered and returned would be appreciated. The location of the blade must be recorded, preferably with GPS coordinates.

A revised map of the possible area the blade may be located and blade description can be found @ http://www.robinsonheli.com/bladereward

Upon recovering blade, notify FAA Inspector at the Tampa Flight Standards District Office @ (630) 215-7449

Reward Payment:

Upon submitting the recovered blade to a FAA Inspector from the Tampa Flight Standards Office a receipt will be issued for the blade and contact information for the submitter(s) will be recorded. Once the blade is identified as the blade from the accident aircraft a check in the amount of $3,000.00 will be issued to the submitter(s) and mailed to the supplied address. All federal, state and local taxes and fees which may be applicable to this payment are the responsibility of the recipient.

For any questions please call 310 539-0508 ext 124.

Probable location within red area.
Blade is white and yellow on top and black with a yellow tip on bottom. It is constructed of stainless steel with an aluminum honeycomb core.
Blade is approximately 12 feet long.
Blade is 7.5 inches wide.
Pitch horn extends approximately 3.0 inches.
Above and below: Blade attachment hardware. Made of steel and stainless steel.
Blade hardware detail.
Blade pitch link.
Landing gear skid and strut. Made of aluminum tube.